Why is an SEO-friendly website important to any businesses in Nepal?

Because of pandemic now it’s time for any business to shift in digital.

Developing an SEO-friendly website is important for any business to be visible online. It helps to understand what is this page about to search engines it is more cost-effective than other digital marketing strategies.

When you think about SEO, the first thing that may come to mind is ranking websites in search engine results pages by incorporating relevant keywords into your website that resonate with your target audiences.

But in Nepal if we manage to have an SEO friendly website it is more profitable.

Because competition is quite low compare to neighbor country so we may get more opportunities with few knowledge.

Collaboration of SEO expert in a project is more effective but if you have little knowledge in website and SEO you can manage to have SEO friendly website from your own work station.

It not only makes faster and user-friendly, it also makes your website more understandable for search engine’s bot & algorithms in a preferred keywords to targeted audiences.

Here are some reasons why we need SEO-friendly websites in Nepal.

Rank in Search engines results pages

By making your website SEO friendly it’ll definitely helps to get good SERP. So you must think about an SEO-factor from the very beginning of the project. It will surely pushing up to rank your website in search engine results pages.

Rank your website in search engines helps to get maximum reach to targeted audiences so it is more fruitful in terms of ROI.

Improving User experiences

SEO is not only optimizing for the search engines. It is also for improving the user’s experience. Google ranks those website which is more user friendly.

Well-structured, clean, and uncluttered websites complete traffic stay longer, decrease the bounce rate, and increase the trust flow of sites.

For a competitive advantage

You and your competition, your competitor optimized his website but you don’t. Your competitor attracts more customers on the website from search engines results pages. It means your competitor grows faster and more successful. So you think first before your competitor does.

Get more valuable customers than their competitors

SEO-optimized websites bring more leads than other website. And also brings leads who are searching for related products and services and converts them into loyal customers. Your targeted audiences to your websites means increase in the organic customers to your business.

To delivers the exact results customers needs

Delivering products and services as per customer is time saving for all.

With the SEO friendly making process you’ll provide exact information to search engine so that they can show highly relevant pages to targeted audiences. Which makes visitors happy and helps customers to find exactly what they need.


Creating an SEO-friendly website is the best way to drive more organic traffic to your website. If your website is SEO-friendly it can appear in more search results, boosting traffic to your site.

Start doing SEO or choose a top agency that provides opportunities to reach customers and get valuable leads.

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