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Searching for a SEO services in Bhaktapur, Nepal? With their skilled services, our team of SEO specialists in Kathmandu can help you rank your website higher and provide quality leads and visitors.

Search engine optimization is the organic marketing strategy to help to grow your business. Your targeted audience finds you online easily. Mots of our SEO service can double their traffic within Six months. let’s jump right in to see How our team works.

Bhaktapur SEO Services

Keyword Research

In order to determine the monthly volume, anticipated traffic, and rivals ranking for such keywords, we do keyword research for your organization. This will help you gauge how much demand there is on Google for your services.

Competitors Analysis

In order to create a successful SEO plan for your company, we will do a thorough competitor analysis of your sector to determine the keywords and traffic that your rivals are obtaining.

On-going Optimization

In order to promote your industry keywords and raise their Google ranking, we will optimize your website for search engines and carry out both on-page and off-page SEO. Regular SEO work is necessary to outrank your competition in search engine results.

Website SEO

Since we are website developers, we will evaluate and enhance the technical aspects of your website to make it more search engine friendly and load quicker, meeting Google’s requirements and helping it rank higher in the search results. Another name for it is on-site SEO.

Local SEO

These days, more individuals utilize local search engines like Google Maps to locate the services they need, and they assess companies according to community evaluations and pertinent information.


In SEO, backlinking is essential. It resembles your own private network. Your website will gain more traffic and market credibility the more online networks you can develop for it. Additionally, Google ranks pages in the search engine based on the quality of your network.

On page SEO

keywords Research and Analysis to create SEO strategy 

  • Full website optimization
  • Content optimization
  • Google webmaster and Analytics set up
  • Social media integration and promotion

Off-page Optimization

  • Work on Search Engine Ranking Position
  • Work on more than all google ranking factors
  • Lead generation focused Complete Keyword Research

Create Report

  • Analysis Report
  • Strategy creation and Discussion for month
  • Monthly Improvement Report
  • Monthly Ranking Report
  • Suggestion and Strategy about developing your business

Why SEO for any business?

As a Bhaktapur based SEO company, we can assist you with all aspects of SEO, including link development, content marketing, technical optimization, and keyword research. In order to increase organic traffic and lead generation, our SEO services are concentrated on improving your website’s position on search engine results pages.

Not only that, but greater visibility also translates into higher brand awareness, credibility, and eventually sales. In addition to optimizing for increased organic traffic, user experience, and website performance are the main priorities of our SEO services in Bhaktapur.

These days, SEO is well worth it. Being included on Google’s first page when customers look for products or information your company provides is extremely important. For website owners who want to keep ahead of the competition by increasing their website’s visibility in search engines, we provide Sydney SEO services. With the development of technology, using Google or any other search engine to look for information or services has become increasingly widespread.

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