Best website design company in Nepal

Web sites are indeed an important part of business, be it corporate, freelancing, marketing, blogging. Unlike old days, it has become a convenient way of connecting with people. The importance of creating a web site has gained popularity over the years and will continue to do so in the future. There is no doubt about it!

So, where can we find best web designing companies in Nepal?

It’s a fact that there are many companies competing in the field of web designing and development in Nepal but only few of them has seen the pinnacle of success with an outstanding performance in the market. Besides, there are also some really good freelancers who are working day in and day out to create a reputation and believe me; there are hidden gems out there.

Without further ado, lets provide you what you were looking for.

Here are my top 10 web designing/development companies in Nepal:

Pracas Infosys (PFS)

PFS has been around since 2007 being a pioneer IT Consulting Company which provides Website Analysis & Technical Audit, Website Redesigning, Corporate & Business Email Solution, Search Engine Optimization & Digital Marketing Solutions in Nepal. Located in Biratnagar and Kathmandu, the company also works on Facebook Advertising, Social Media Promotion, Search Engine Optimization & more features under a single roof.

As their core service, the company assists its clients to create a top-notch and tailor-made website as per the specifications and need of their client. With the team of exceptional designers and developers, they develop attractive, highly secured, user friendly websites for its clients and are successful to make its mark on web designing and development field.

In my view, this company definitely grabs top 3 position in the market.

SoftNEP Pvt. Ltd.

SoftNep, located in Kathmandu, is a modern software development company with oodles of experience in creating digital products and the strategies to power them. With over 15 years of professional experience, the company has delivered over 1000 projects while entrusted by 500 clients with 100+ professionals engaged to do so. Their major services include Web design & UX, Software application development, web app development, mobile application development, news portal development, SEO, etc. Their clientele list is full of big names like Setopati, NTB, Simrik Airlines, Jyoti life insurance, BBC, Matribhumi School and many more.

I have to say that the first time I visited their website, I was awed with their dedication, creativity and design strategy. The same amount of effort is promised for every service they provide which definitely includes web design development. We can observe their works through their site and clearly it shows their class and dedication. Undoubtedly, SoftNep is one of the best in the industry.

Digital Terai

This company is much younger than the previous two but has a lot of potential to thrive in digital marketing field of Nepal. Founded in 2018, Digital Terai aims to be the best digital marketing agency in Nepal through delivering brand-specific, audience targeted and conversion-oriented SEO, Web design, Social media marketing, business branding and online reputation management services to their clients. With a team of young and talented professionals, they are innovative as well as determined to change the digital scenario of Nepal.

So, are they good at Web Designing?

Digital Terai has plenty to offer and web design is one of their prime work. They create a brand-specific, SEO friendly as well as attractive web site design that catches the user’s attention and drive more traffic. Custom web development, Responsive web design, E-commerce web design, Corporate web design are some of its expertise on the field. Although they operate on a bigger context, their work on website designing and development is very appreciable.

Bikashsoft Technology Pvt. Ltd.

Located in Kathmandu, Bikashsoft is a full-service web design and development firm. Their developers and coders are highly proficient with object-oriented programming and ensure high coding standards, documentation and easily maintainability. Having 7 years of experience, they provide services like custom web design and development, SEO, Domain name registration, web hosting, android apps development, maintenance of the website and SEO content, and many more.

Moreover, they have delivered over 800 websites and had the opportunity to work with several large scale as well as small scale businesses. With this kind of portfolio, the company certainly deserves some attention, doesn’t it?

Web Creation Nepal Pvt. Ltd

Web Creation Nepal is a well-established IT company which has been providing exceptional services to clients throughout the world. With over 10 years of crafting strategic digital solutions, the company hosts services like web design and development, mobile apps development, digital marketing and business branding. They are a reliable team of experts comprising of Engineers, developers, SEO experts, designers, marketing executives who have shoot up the standard as well as ratings of their company in the past decade. They are even ranked #1 by google in Nepal. Impressive right?

Located in Bagbazar, Kathmandu, Web Creation Nepal has developed 1000+ websites in just 8 years with up-to-date web design development service. It provides custom web solutions that distribute a compelling user experience while integrating with overall marketing goals and brand identity. Responsive web design, web app development, domain & hosting, E-commerce solutions are some of its attributes which has helped them gain trust of over 500 customers. They hold one of the stunning portfolios (available on site) which also includes big names like Nepal government and UNICEF.

They have some staggering numbers to prove their worth and I think they fall among the heavyweights in Nepal.

KTM Rush

Influenced by the rush life of Kathmandu, Mr. Rajen Kaji Shrestha and Mr. Aditya Rai founded the company Ktm Rush in late 2014 with a sole purpose of providing a range of digital marketing solutions. Since then, Mr. Eraz Shrestha has joined them to boost their workforce as an operation manager. KTM Rush specializes in Web Design, Digital marketing, Social Media promotions, and Brand identity designs.

Web design is all about creativity and smoothness which I think KTM Rush genuinely knows. The company has some of the innovative and creative minds you can find on the market. Its website design package includes Responsive and mobile friendly designs, secure and reliable servers, easy to use CMS, Social API integrated and SEO. They have been providing these services with excellence effort and built a tower of trust of its customers. Being on the road for almost 7 years, KTM Rush is entrusted by 150+ clients delivering over 250 projects with the help of 15 creative personals. So, if you need some creative and aesthetic web designs than these guys can help you.

Delta Tech

Established in 2016, Delta Tech started its journey as a web design and mobile app development company. Now, they are competing in the tech business and software development field. They provide services like Corporate website designs, software development, mobile app development, graphic design and SEO. Located at Biratnagar and Kathmandu, this company has a long list of both national and international clients, out of which many ratified their service with a 5-star rating.

Talking about web design and development, they built their foundation through web design projects. They are good with designing corporate websites. So, if you’re looking for an alluring corporate web design for your company than Delta Tech can be your go-to destination. Their web designs are built with great user interface which looks captivating whilst ensuring that it is easily navigable and user friendly. Furthermore, their website also has features like high security, SEO friendly and optimized performance.

Ultrabyte International Pvt. Ltd.

Ultrabyte is also one of the most sought-after web design companies in Nepal. They have been providing quality services to its client globally in the field of web design and hosting, SEO, graphic designing, motion graphic designing and application development. Located in Kathmandu, Ultrabyte promises a complete and quality web solution for any type of businesses. Their website design services has satisfied more than 500 customers till now. Their web design features include custom-made, SEO optimization, secure, professionally customized and responsive (mobile friendly).

They provide premium quality responsive websites at the best rates. Other services include website copywriting, blog design, website redesign, database integration, e-commerce functionality and content management system (CMS).

Trilogy Digital Media

Trilogy Digital Media (TDM) is the first online marketing agency in Nepal. Standing out against its competitors, TDM specializes in web development and online advertising solutions for small as well as large scale industries. It has a team of award-winning designers, developers and certified online marketers and expertise help to grow any businesses through higher audience engagement. It comprises with a range of services like social media marketing, YouTube advertising, search engine optimization, corporate blog, web design & development, videography and many more.

With such an array of services, one can simply doubt their consistency in every single project but nevertheless, they are successful in carrying out various projects with excellent strategies, full dedication and exceptional work ethic. They have worked with Nepal Bangladesh Bank, Qatar airways, Standard Chartered, Renault, etc.

Web design and development is one of their many services. TDM builds a SEO friendly website which can gain a good organic traffic with a picture-perfect coding system that helps rank up in search engines as well. Their portfolio is full of amazing projects which distinctly shows their dedication towards this field, you can check them out.

Perfect Web Solution

Perfect Web Solution is a digital web agency that designs, develop and market your brand online. With an ample amount of experience of more than 10 years, the company has set its physical station in Pokhara. Their web design service has features like creative research, internal brainstorming, wireframing and user journey scenarios, demo presentations, SEO service and many more. They excel at using enough information from their clients to come up with a creative direction, then going away with this, and coming back with multiple concepts to present. One can always feel humbled if presented with options to choose from. Isn’t it?   Their highly dedicated and skilled designers present a cutting-edge interactive web design with astounding visual effects to distinguish itself among other websites. They provide greater customer support, detailed documentation, unlimited revision, custom programming, responsive design and Multilanguage system as part of their website design.

Diggimark Nepal

Digimark Nepal is the youngest one, Located in Bhaktapur. Up to date about the latest technology, work smart and effective for any business in Nepal. Offer for a web application, digital marketing, and marketing strategy for launching a new business, locally and internationally with cost-effectiveness.

Is it another best option for digitizing your business?

It’s a big yes because their team workflow began with research on modern technology. Makes SEO-friendly websites for ranking search engines, user-friendly, and responsive web for clients and targeted audiences. Focuses on Generating leads, Reaching more potential customers with relevant keywords, making social media campaigns, higher conversion rate, and high ROI (return on investment).

So, Simple and clear “Digimark Nepal is to create Digital branding for any business.” Negative impact for nepali business in Nepal


There are obviously other firms and freelancers who might have been unintentionally excluded. On a final note, this list is not created to ignore the hardships done by other companies, it was created in solely purpose to help seekers in narrowing down their search. I hope this may be helpful for you.   

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