The key difference between a web designer and a web developer

People get confused when they use the terms web designer and web developer. They both are involved in the task of web development but they are different. Developers develop the structure of a webpage using coding languages, while designers are more visually creative, focusing on the user. In this Web Developer vs Web Designer article, we will discuss  the key differences between them in the following sequence:

What is web development?

Who is a web developer?

Who is a web designer?

Web developer vs web designer

Responsibilities of web developer and web designer.

Monthly salary of web developer and web designer in Nepal.

Why are both so important for digital brands?

Now, pick one from the sequence. It is web development. Do you know what web development is? Here is a simple definition.

What is web development?

Web development is the task of developing websites for hosting on the internet. The web development process involves web design, content design. Logo design and security configuration.

A website can be a single page called a static website or a complex web application with more features called dynamic. When you host your website on a server it is because of all the processes of web development.

Who is a web developer?

A web developer is a programmer who develops world wide web applications which are run in web browsers like chrome, firefox, and more. Web developers are front-end developers and back-end developers.

Front-end developer

Front-end developers make the website or web application that’s parts that are visible by users or interact with them. They must have programming skills like HTML, CSS, Javascript, and Jquery but now are Angular, Reactjs, backbone js, node js, Gulp, and more.

Back-end developer:

Back-end refers to the backside which can’t see the user. It is important because of the user database management systems. It communicates with servers and web applications. It is important to know at least one programming skill: PHP, Ruby, Python, Laravel, Java, .net, MySQL, and more.

Full-stack developer: Some of the developers have front-end and back-end skills so-called him/her a full-stack developer. They know how to web work in any condition, setting up, configuring Linux or Windows servers, coding, operating.

Now, let us move to who is a web designer?.

Who is a web designer?

Web designers create designing and building layouts that are visually for visitors.  They make a sample or demo site of what the website looks like. They analyze the new trend, client requirements, user friendly, and effectiveness when the targeted audience visits the website. It can work on a brand new website or existing site.

Designers are imaginative, creative and patient. But there are different job profile for web designers such as:

UX designers: UX  designers refer to user experience design. It is a process of designing websites that are easy to use, useful. That makes sure your website keeps the visitor engaged.

UI designers: UI designers refer to user interface deals with user interaction. Designers think about the looks and feel and presentation of products and services. It is digital practice buttons, icons, spacing colors, and responsive

Now, lets the find some key differences between a web developer and a web designer

Web developer vs web designer

 Web developerWeb designer
On the basis of the description. “A web developer is a developer who develops digital applications which are run in digital media”  “A web designer is designing and building layouts for visitors. They make a sample or demo site of what the website looks like”
On the basis of requirements  developing language and skills Building web with different languages likes HTML, CSS, JS, ruby, python, java.They need to know how to code and which language is best for their project.      The web designer must know about the following developing languages HTML, CSS, and JS.Good skill in graphic designer and logo design.    
On the basis of works Developers develop the website, what layout design is given by a web designer.They received documentation and visual from a web designer      They design the demo site what client requirement They analyze the new trend, client requirements, user friendly, and effectiveness.  
  On the basis of tools Tools that must have used by developers are browser extension, text editor, Reactjs, bootstrap, Github, postman, lambda test, zoom, etc      It uses designer tools adobe photo, illustrator, user experience, farmer, sketch, Invision to create a layout.
On the basis of types. Front-end developerBack-end developerFull-stack developer  UI designerUX designerVisual designer

The above figure can help us to gain a little more knowledge about the difference between web design and development. If they are involved in any organization they have also a self-responsibility for achieving the organization. There are responsibilities for them.

Responsibilities of web developer

  • Developing web application by using the  latest software practice
  • Update current website to latest website
  • Monitor web traffic
  • Research and Keep up  to date about technology and software
  • Keep in touch with a web designer and client
  • Creating web user-friendly, mobile-friendly
  • Managing a team

Responsibilities of web designer

  • Creating web design
  • Creating wireframe of the website
  • Meeting with client and know their  requirement
  • Keep up to date about software
  • Accountable with client and web developer
  • Creating web user-friendly, mobile-friendly
  • Managing a team/ build a team

If you think that, how much do they earn in Nepal? Let’s know about it.

Web developer salary: Average salary of web developers in Nepal is Rs 35000 to Rs 45000 per month

Web designer salary: Average salary of a web designer in Nepal is Rs 30000 to Rs 40000 per month.

They work as freelancers. They charge per hour basis for international projects. Both web developers and web designers are important for making a digital brand.

Here is the reason

Why are both web developers and web designers important for digital brands?

Both play an equal role in building web applications; they are parts of one coin. So they are important to build a digital brand responsive, user-friendly and done on time. They help to keep the lead on your website for better results, higher conversion rate, and ROI.


A website can be static or dynamic. A web designer built a layout of what client requirements for his/her web application.web designers are UI and UX develop A web developer develops world wide web applications which are run in web browsers. Basic web developing language, HTML, CSS, and Javascript. web developers are front-end and back-end developers.

Full-stack developers must have HTML, CSS, Javascript, and one special server coding language like Java, Python, Laravel, net, MySQL, and more. They know how to web work in any condition, setting up, configuring Linux or Windows servers, coding, operating.

Both web designers and web developers play equal roles in building a digital brand to keep leads on the page for better results. average salary is Rs 30000 to Rs 40000

At last,

Web design and web development are both digital brands developers. For those who want to be a web developer and a web designer you must know the basic language HTML, CSS, and javascript. For web designers, they must have to know photoshop and more about graphic design. Both keep up-to-date about software and technology and adjust with your team for achieving organizational goals. Both jobs are in demand in IT companies and equal responsibilities for building a digital platform.

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