How to make SEO friendly website for our business?

“It’s all about digital marketing and Digital Branding”

Do you know, SEO-friendly websites have a higher ranking than other websites in search engines?

Then If you want to rank your website in google you need to do SEO.

Let’s learn some things about SEO and SEO-friendly websites.

Search engine optimization(SEO) is an organic marketing strategy for improving your website ranking in any search engine like google, bing.

Actually, user friendly websites are the way to make website search-engine friendly. Because they want to show trustworthy, genuine and relevant search result at first to their user.

And well functioning optimized code can crawl each page on the website, interpret the content, and index it in their database by the search engine.

So, A website must be  SSL secure, fast, responsive, organized, and User friendly.

Google has RankBrain algorithm which is a system by which Google can better understand the likely user intent of a search query, so it identifies the website quality.

Here are the tips for making your website SEO-friendly.

Make your URLs user friendly

For URLs user friendly there are some elements that help to make URLs user friendly. They are ;

  • URLs must be readable by user and search engines
  • Shorten the urls
  • Url must describe the Content
  • Do not use capital letters but lowercase
  • Prefer hyphens to separate words
  • Include target keyword in urls
  • Big no for dynamic urls
  • Use subfolders instead subdomain
  • Don’t forget 301 redirects for broken URLs


Title should provide a proper description of a page’s content rather than clickbait. Try to add main keyword in title. Always avoid keyword cannibalization.

Optimize your images

Here how to optimize images for the web:

  •  Name your images properly
  •  Fill out your Alt tags,
  •  Reduce your images size
  •  Use unique images
  •  Build your image sitemap
  • Avoid cookies

Original & unique content

Content is king so it is the most important component for SEO. That must be original, unique, high-quality, interesting, and informative content. A properly formatted content will increase like share and rank well on search engines. Something new that was never posted before.

Create an xml\html site map

A site map helps search engines know your website structure when they are crawling. It is a planning of a website that gives new leads and making online sales, to give a road map to your project.

Make it responsive

Increase in smartphone and tablet users in this era. So a mobile-friendly website is a standard component of an SEO plan. Loading as fast as possible attracts a wider audience.

Your target users use different screen sizes, so your website and content must be optimized for all devices.

Use robots .txt

It is a text file created to instruct search engines where they can access or block your site or how to crawl pages on their websites. Access your pages which crawl or block your pages that don’t crawl in any search engine with the help of the Robots.txt file.

Focus on internal linking

An internal linking is one that points to other pages on the same domain. Which helps to increase page authority and drive more traffic to other pages.

Accountable(Good response)

If you have any inquiries about products and services so you post your inquiries on the website. If you get fast, related, and good responses mean you trust this company and keep touching it.

Response goods comments build trust for the audience and clear him/her of inquiry.

Avoid keywords stuffing

Keyword stuffing is the SEO technique practice of loading a webpage with relevant keywords for ranking a website in search engines.

One time keyword stuffing was a successful strategy but nowadays avoids stuffing keywords much time in web pages is best for the web.

Check for your orphan pages

A  page with no internal links is called an orphan page.

Are they bad for SEO? Yes. Low ranking and traffic and crawl waste

So, Check for your orphan pages and find them.

In Nepal, Internet users are increasing rapidly so Nepalese entrepreneurs have great opportunities to digitize any businesses. Investing in an SEO-friendly website is a  digital asset for your business.

Here are some reasons why the SEO friendly website for our business in Nepal

Say no to black hat

Search engine optimization is an organic way to rank your site in any search engine so it helps to keep traffic on your site. After that, your website will rank high.

So, Paid marketing is not necessary for promoting your site. Organic marketing is more effective than paid marketing which is long-lasting action-oriented.

Optimize your website

If you are planning to invest in the website you must know about an effective( SEO- friendly)website for your businesses which gives you a better result and payback.

Noted that “An optimized website attracts more traffic”

Your targeted audience finds your site.

Search engine optimization helps to show your business in front of your target audience with relevant keywords. Your audience will find you.

Then, easily generate leads for your business and make a higher conversion rate.

For help to make your Digital branding.

We are in a digital era. A web page is a way to enter the digital era with your brand.So, A search engine-friendly website will help you to create your digital brand in a short time.

Did you think about your digital brand?

Stay ahead of your competitor.

Nowadays a website or web page is not a big thing to create or achieve. Only the matter of whether your website is created properly or not. Get in touch with a reputed digital agency to get more suggestions about the web.

A perfect team makes you a digital brand for you which makes you ahead of your competitor.

Wrap up,

It is absolutely right, Website is an opportunity for all businesses in the world. With the help of website customer services 24 hours. When developing and designing websites we have to make SEO-friendly websites with SSL secure, fast, mobile-friendly and responsive. An SEO-friendly website helps to make digital branding with potential customers.

If you aren’t sure where to get an SEO-friendly website with SEO, contact us today at to speak with a strategist about creating an SEO-friendly website for your business.

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