If you want to plan your own startup by 2023 like a pro you need to know digital marketing and its elements because of the rapid growth of internet users in the world.

How much time you spend on the internet daily excluding work or job?

I spend 3 hours daily on average.

Simply this activity shows our depend over the internet.

Communication, live-chatting, news, information, payment and document sharing through digital media are very easy to manage daily schedules and time-saving in our daily life.

Five billion (64%) of all people on earth are now online to promote the usage of digital media in various fields of life including industries and businesses.

Let’s know bit about digital marketing before jump to the major point of digital marketing. In which you are interested.

Digital Marketing

Digital marketing is the modern strategic marketing approach of the internet for desired goals, which is broadly used to promote products and services to reach your targeted customers.

Digital marketing or online marketing is a process to marketing of any products and services in the internet with the help of electrical appliances.

All are implementing his/her idea to improve their lead generation for growth. But the conversions only take place when your business gets more leads and these leads are connected with your brand, popularity and trust. 78% of consumers have spent more time researching a brand or product online than they have researched in a store

If you have understand about digital marketing. Let’s go to its elements you need to know if you own a business website.


SEO is the process to make your online profile (webpages, social profiles etc) visible and accessible and user friendly in the Internet. By rank your web pages on Search engines to get high relevant traffic like Google, Yahoo, Bing, etc. by improving website quality, authority and trustworthiness, which improve SERP to increases website traffic. So it is the most important element in digital marketing.

Analyzing the high search volume keywords for your product and services. Like which keywords are mainly typed by the customers to get results in search engines then optimizes your webpages to rank on top for reaching more targeted customers for that keyword.


Socal Media Marketing (SMM) is a simple and easy way of promoting your business through social media such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Tiktok, YouTube, LinkedIn, etc. It helps to boost awareness of your business which is especially useful for creating relationships with new and existing customers.

There are more than three billion users who reach social networking sites. SMM is the best digital marketing strategy to promote any product and services. SMM includes activities like posting text, images, videos and other informative content that connect with audience engagement. Nowadays most of them are used for paid social media marketing.

It is cup of cake for your business if you know it’s DO’s and Don’t.


Search engine marketing(SEM) is also another type of digital marketing that helps you buy ad space in the search results. It is also known as paid search 0r PPC. The cost will depend on the competitiveness of the keyword you are bidding on the keywords they like to target.

It is the system where businesses pay search engines to show their ads in search engine results pages.

Email Marketing

Businesses use digital media for sending relevant information and offers to people who have an interest like to hear from you. It delivered detailed services and product messages on time.

Email marketing is the form of digital marketing where businesses use digital media for sending relevant information about new products, offers and other services to people who have an interest like to hear from you. It delivered detailed services and product messages on time.

It is also known as promotion mail. It is a strategy  to communicate with the target audience through the mail. Collecting email form, website form, social media and other sources. Email marketing is still very relevant for generating leads to customers.

Content Marketing

Delivery a quality piece of content to the users to generate sales and leads. Tweets, videos, blogs, information on your website all comprise content marketing.

Content marketing or Inbound Marketing is a digital marketing strategy focused on creating and delivering valuable, relevant, quality pieces of content to the users to generate sales and leads. There are Tweets, videos, blogs articles, quizzes, infographics, information on your website all comprise content marketing.

When you think about content marketing strategy you have to focus on creating content and distributing content. Content marketing helps to increase sales, cost saving and getting loyal customers for your business.

Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is a type of performance-based marketing. In affiliate marketing, Third party websites are offered to publish on their website. If a traffic clicks on this link and buys a product and services, the owner of the website(affiliate) will receive the rewards.

It is also known as hiring third parties to promote your product and rewarding them on a commission. Partnership between a business and affiliate to increase sales of their product by agreeing to pay a commission.

Display Marketing/Advertising

There are lots of browse and lots of content across the website; you might see advertising which is called display advertising. It appears everywhere online. It has many formats like text, images, and video ads. You can click it and interact with it.

Nowadays digital boards are also popular which are used to promote products and services in the main city area. It has many formats like text, images, and video ads.

It is a visual display that uses an array of light-emitting diodes as pixels for a video display. Nowadays LED display boards are used widely in public transport vehicles, billboards, and business advertisements.

In Nepal, led digital boards are in the main crowded business area and traffic light such as koteshwor area, baneshwor area, kalanki and more

Wrap up,

A perfect digital marketing strategy is essential factor to grow our business in this digital world.

And it gives the higher conversion rate with minimum cost if we use it intelligently.

Find out which of the platforms your targeted customers are using and you need to invest more effort into those platforms.  Digital marketing is the best way for any business to connect with customers online. It is clear that using digital marketing is possible to track your consumer interactions online.

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