Why your business website is not working properly in Nepal?

Do you have a website for your business?

A business website is one of the platforms driving traffic, leads, and increases in sales for any company in this digital world.

Is your business website is working properly?

If yes, then make sure you may have some of these problems.

Here are the common problems that can negatively affect your business website’s performance.

Outdated website design

Now a day customers use the latest devices and software on his / her hand but business websites are not updated so it is likely now outdated. Update business websites regularly and make dynamic websites. Some of the common issues of poor web design.

Slow upload speed

Slow loading time can absolutely kill the website. Minimum visitors have to be patient to wait more than a few seconds for a page to load. There are many factors that can affect your page load speed. Imagine what you feel when you load any website but the website load time is slow.


A maximum of targeted customers have a smartphone but your business’s website is not mobile-friendly. So the website is not working. Unresponsiveness websites miss out on a lot of potential customers.

Low-quality content and images

Quality content and relevant images are the most important factors in the website which help to brand awareness of your business. Content and images should be original.

Lack of sitemap file

The sitemap file has detailed information on all of the pages that provides web crawlers. It is a road map to your site that indexes everything search engines get information about pages. . Without out sitemap file, that website has missed pages.

Lack of knowledge of the internet

Website is common for any business but many business owners don’t know what type of website works properly for business.  They hire a web design agency without researching and that web design agency is not an expert so the lack of knowledge affects all business websites.

Create your website without an SEO Expert

When you planning to design a business website, you have to get suggestions or collaborate with SEO experts. SEO experts research search engine algorithms and the latest updates. Experts know how to make  SEO-friendly websites that rank on search engine results pages. So updating any website without an SEO Expert is not working well or has a problem with rank in search engines.

The website lacks SEO optimization

Customers are using search engines for searching what they need and want. Business owners think about search engine optimization business websites to be visible and rank in search engines. Proper SEO helps to increase visibility and ranking on search engine result pages. A lack of Search engine optimization will affect business websites. Correct use of header and meta tags, adding relevant keywords and connecting with external links.

Social media integration

Social media is an important component to increase traffic to your websites. In the world billions of social media users. Connect our social media correctly with your website.

Check your social media link and add all links to your websites. If your link is broken of missing that affects our website and miss out on our potential business.


With the increase of internet users and smartphone users, business owner has opportunities to go online in Nepal. But there are lacking many things when designing and developing a webpage.

Here is some reason why a website is not working. Outdated website design which is unresponsiveness, low-quality content, and images, and lack of sitemap files. Also, lack of knowledge of the internet, updating your website without an SEO expert,  the lack of SEO optimization, and Social media integration


It’s time to do business online because of the increasing number of internet users and smartphone users in Nepal.


Hire the best digital Web design and Digital marketing agency to create your digital brand and promote it. This helps to more visibility on the internet, increasing brand awareness and sales.

At last keep updating yourself and always you’re welcome to add missed factor by commenting below.

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