Free web design tools to make a website in 2022  

Web design is an important part of your business. The first impression that your website makes is crucial for your target audience to take action. Our free web design tools will help you create an impressive and user friendly website.

We live in a time where many websites are created daily and it is possible with the help of some unique, high quality and great web design tools. In this article, I have listed my personal favorite free web design tools that can be used for any purpose such as personal or business related.


Over 43% of the web uses WordPress, making it the most popular content management system in the world. Thousands of free plugins and an open-source content management system that makes to set up a website in minutes. You don’t need coding skills to design your site, it is free to use.

The WordPress core functionalities are content management, blog design, and website structures, which makes it useful to everyone from bloggers all the way to Fortune 500 companies.

Key features

  • Customizable designs
  • SEO friendly
  • Responsive mobile sites
  • High performance
  • High security
  • Powerful media management
  • Easy and accessible


It is an interface design tool for everyone. It’s easy, powerful and never gets in your way whether you’re a designer or not. It’s core functionalities are user interface design and prototyping; it also supports import from Sketch and Photoshop, so any changes made in Sketch or Photoshop will be reflected immediately in Figma.

It is a powerful interface design tool for macOS, Windows, and Linux. Create beautiful designs. Collaborate in real-time with your team.

It is also the fastest way to design beautiful software and website.

Key features

  • User Interface Design
  • Collaboration
  • Wireframing
  • Prototyping

InVision studio

InVision Studio is the Best free mobile responsive prototyping software that works on PC and Mac desktops. InVision Studio offers an advanced mobile responsive feature that allows you to design for different screen sizes with added features like layers to create multiple, independent wireframes and animations, which are perfect for designing several variations of a project. Its core functionalities are User Interface Design, Animation, Wireframing, and Responsive Prototyping as well as a comprehensive collection of minimalist UI Kits that developers can use in design from iOS to Windows Phone designs.

Key features

  • Lighting fast screen design
  • Responsive by design
  • Rapid prototyping
  • Advance motion for more emotion
  • Teamwork with less work
  • Collaboratively connected


FluidUI is a dedicated tool for prototyping, building and testing UIs quickly. It allows you to create your prototypes in the browser, so no need to install or download anything.

With FluidUI, you can easily share the link of your prototype with others who can then quickly provide feedback via comments directly on the page.

With this Google Material Design assets you can use Material Icons and Material Design Color Palettes to make your designs look awesome.

Key Features

  • Rapid Prototyping
  • Built-in Libraries
  • Upload Existing Assets
  • Mouse and touch gestures
  • Beautiful animations
  • Communicate how pages relate
  • Reviewer mode
  • Live video presentations
  • Add and resolve comments
  • Run remote user tests
  • Live chat support
  • Preview on mobile

CSS Grid Generator

The CSS Grid Generator is a website that helps you create your own CSS grid. Simply input a number of columns and desired column width, gutter width and their colors.

It also has a feature for custom class names so you can easily identify what each div does in the code.


CMS hub (Content Management System) is a professional content management system with all the features you need to build and manage your website. It’s the perfect solution for small businesses who don’t have their own web developer on staff, or for companies that need an affordable online presence.

It has many great features, including: Business Management, Web Design, Collaboration, Wireframing, Content Management, Website Structure, URL Mapping, Analytics Reports and Security. It is designed to be fast and simple so you can build and manage your website yourself — even if you’ve never built a site before.

It is a downloadable website design software that will help take your business places!

Key features

  • SEO recommendations
  • Website themes
  • Fully integrated CRM
  • Drag-and-drop editor
  • Adaptive testing
  • Contact attribution reporting


Good web design impacts your SEO, A good design sets the tone for your customer service. A good design fosters trust with your audience so you can use the tools above to get that done. You can easily build a website. wireframing, prototyping, and coding are important for good websites. The tools listed above code your site from the ground to up level.

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