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Facebook is the most popular and largest social media network in the world. When I googled Facebook user, it shows 2.9 billion monthly active users in the world.

The average user spends 1 hour per day on Facebook and India has the most facebook users in the world. Statista published earlier number of monthly active fb user which shows its increasing number of users day by day.

Also, it is a free resource to promote your business to find your highly targeted customers easily and fast.

So, Facebook marketing is one of the best digital marketing strategies which offer a variety of targeted paid ads and organic posts to promote product and service to reach audiences.

Why is Facebook the best platform?

Has global coverage

It has over 1.5 billion users, more than 7 million active advertisers, which makes it the biggest and global platform to connect with anyone who lives anywhere in the world.

You can utilize this opportunities for your convenient.

Probably, you do not want to miss those opportunities which grow you business easily.

Get highly targeted

It is helping business to promote any product and services to targeted audience is best thing about it. If we have some knowledge about it’s algorithm, we can achieve our goal without any hassle.

Don’t worry it is not that much hard. Any business thinker easily can decode it.

Paid promotion opens our targeted audience based on gender, age, geo-location and more.

Customers Support

It is a platform for supporting new and existing customers easily. Many customers can get each and every query about products and services anytime like the product detail,  price, delivery time, payment option, offers, and more by customize our response settings which also saves our precious time.

It’s easy to support customers with thtalk to new and existing customers.

Benefits of Facebook marketing in SEO

Increase website traffic

Facebook is a platform that can help to drive your customer to your website. Because in online we decide with our information so website is the best thing to grab more information about something, which helps to boost website traffic organically.

So it means improve in alexa and SERP.

The positive impact of SEO

If you have business website and doing facebook marketing it makes positively impacts on SEO directly and indirectly according your business profile.

Search engines likes to show high authority and trustful source so if you have trustworthy profile connected with your website helps to rank high in search engines.

Driving an audience on a website is the common thing to improve SERP.

Make organic reach

If you are unable to pay for paid promotion don’t get depressed. Just be strategically active, humble and accountable it’ll be more than enough. Or you can create and join more groups and share your post with related groups to make more organic reach.

Distributing leads to other digital platforms.

You can drive some traffic to your other digital platform if necessary and it also connects with many digital platform so it helps to reach those user who are searching our types of products and services in other platforms like Youtube, Insta, Tiktok, Webpages etc.

Now you are quite aware of its importance and benefits. Let’s get into its content to use.

Formats of Facebook Marketing

Usually Facebook image size is 1200*630 Pixel.

Video ad

Image ads

Carousel ads

Collection ad

Slideshow ads

Lead generation

How to Create an Effective Facebook Marketing Strategy?

Set your Goal

Generating leads, driving traffic to a website, increasing conversion and sales, improving customer support, raising customer awareness, boosting customer engagement, recruitment.

Define your target audience

Is your product for men or women children, age of customers, why they are touched, location .

Encourage comments and reply quickly

When you post any content  encourage the reader to comment and reply to messages and comment quickly.

Choose content formats and schedule posts

Content strategy will help to achieve the organization’s goal. More content means more conversions so time to think about content and its formats. Your content will be a mix of informative, entertaining. And use a content calendar for posting.

Don’t use facebook for hard sell

People use facebook for entertainment, where they share posts , chat with friends and family, and more for relaxing. So don’t try to sale aggressively

Boost your post with Facebook ads

Facebook is the best-paid advertising platform. It allows them to reach more audiences with check prices. Boost your post with Facebook ads generate new leads instantly

Make use of Facebook tools

Facebook platforms also have different tools to engage more people and analysis about competitors.  Create Facebook messenger to chat easily with those who are active, Messenger ads to promote directly in messenger, Pages to watch tool help to analyze competitor performance and their follower engagement.

Measure your effectiveness

Facebook has its own tool called insights. It makes it easy to know about post engagement, reach, actions on pages, active user’s time, and more.

How to set up a Facebook page profile

Create a Facebook Page

Add a Profile Picture

Add a short description

Create a username for your page

Add your Page to shortcuts

Set up Page roles

Customize your notification

Add a page CTA

Organize your Pages tabs

Verify your page

Customize auto responses.


Facebook is the largest social media platform. It is the best digital  marketing strategy to promote any product and services.

Facebook marketing helps increase website traffic, the positive impact of SEO, customer support and targeted advertising.

Take it simple set your goal and target audience

Choose content and post regularly and boost your post with facebook ads to make it more effective.

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