Challenges of E- Commerce in Nepal

E-Commerce is one of the rapidly-growing business platforms in today’s digital world.

As more and more people start turning to the internet to do their daily shopping, your e-commerce website becomes a great asset that allows you to generate revenue.

According to eMarketer, 385% growth from 2014 to 2023. In 2022 global retail eCommerce sales in $5.7 trillion.  E-commerce businesses have a long-term vision for building true value for their targeted audiences. Every business has challenges to grow.

Major challenges to the e-commerce business in Nepal.

  • Consumer behaviors and traditional shopping concepts
  • Payment gateways and wallets
  • Product delivery time and location
  • Prices of products
  • Fake order and high return rate
  • Lack of proper address system
  • Lack of eCommerce website experts
  • Customers’ services and satisfaction
  • Competition

Consumer behaviors and traditional shopping concepts

Nepalese are not friendly with online shopping platforms become of their traditional shopping habits. Go to the market and visit more of the two shops and bragging products.

  • Nepalese customer thinks that a physical store product is better than an online store.
  • The generation gap makes it more complicated for eCommerce business owners.
  • They trust their regular shopkeepers then online shopping.

Payment gateways and wallets

One of the major challenges is the payment method which is easy but not friendly for customers. In Nepal, There are many wallets system so customers are used different so

Which payment wallets should they integrate into their online platform.

Product delivery time and location

Everyone is excited to check the new products after buying, which means delivery must be fast. But in Nepal in the core city, there is a traffic problem. It is challenging for eCommerce businesses.

Prices of products

Customers always have other options to compare the prices of different eCommerce sites. Offering product prices is one of the major factors in the Nepalese market palace.

Fake order and high return rate

There are many reasons to return after delivering the product. Some reason is

  • Customers are not satisfied with a product
  • Customers might  have received a different product
  • The color of the product and the online store product color does not match.
  • Damage products

Lack of eCommerce website experts

When you create an e-commerce website for your eCommerce business. Hiring experienced digital partners that have the best e-commerce website expert and digital marketing experts.

Many startup eCommerce businesses are failures because of the lack of experience with digital partners.

Customers’  satisfaction

In Nepal, our customers belong to a multicultural environment. Customers are king whatever they buy, wherever their location. Customer satisfaction management is a major challenge in the e-commerce business.

Managing services time, getting reviews after using products, and collecting data make easily to satisfy targeted audiences.

High Competition and international investors

Too many e-commerce businesses are already lunch in Nepal. It is a good thing for customers to have more options but some online businesses hampering customers to sell copy products. And many of them are run without registration and licensing.

Wrapping up,

Ecommerce business is one profitable online business platform for Nepalese investors. Starting an eCommerce business is a challenging task in Nepal.

If investors planning an eCommerce business in Nepal. Investors must research consumer behaviors, ways of shopping concepts, payment gateways, product delivery system management, prices of products mix, digital  marketing strategy, and  eCommerce website experts

Work consistently for better results. Your business takes some time.

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