Diggimark Nepal


We are looking for following positions

Front End Developer

Experience :

No. of seats :

In DiggimarkNepal we guarantee responsive and SEO friendly digital products so if you have skills to how that design actually gets implemented on the web through the code. You are always welcome in the team. REQUIRED SKILLS HTML/CSS JavaScript jQuery JavaScript Frameworks Front End Frameworks CSS Preprocessors RESPONSIBILITIES Collab with the team standard level of… Continue reading Front End Developer


Experience :

No. of seats :

In DiggimarkNepal we believe design is most important part for any digital products. If you are passionate and self pusher to work to be better, there is always vacancy in the team. REQUIRED SKILLS Photoshop, Illustrator, Sketch Understand the business and represent with meaningful and eye pleasing manner. Problem solver for complex business through objective-based… Continue reading UI/UX DESIGNER

Laravel Developer

Experience : Fresher

No. of seats : 10

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Software Enginner

Experience : Intern

No. of seats : 4 M/F

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